What is the Preseria Web Application ?

As an organizer, you use the Preseria web application to set up your Conferences, their Sessions and add & invite presenters to upload files for their Presentations (presentation time slots). Invited presenters will receive an email, sent from you by the Preseria system, with a unique link and instructions on how to log in and upload their presentation files.

When Presenters click the "Login / Register" button (containing their unique sign-up link) inside their email invitation, they will be taken to the presenter's registration page. Here they will have to choose a password and optionally enter their first name and last name (unless the organizer have already added this information). Once they have registered their presenter user account, they may proceed to upload presentation files for one or more of their presentation slots, according to the conference schedule set up by the organizer.

Presenters can upload new versions of their presentation files whenever they want, but it is possible for the organizer to add a deadline for when the final submission must be uploaded. After the deadline presenters will only be able to view and download their submitted presentation files. Organizers can at any time overwrite a presenter's file or upload new files on behalf of the presenter.

"Conferences", "Sessions" and "Presentations" - What are they?

The table below shows how the terms "Conference", "Session" and "Presentation" are used in Preseria and what they represent

Term Description
Conference A Conference is an event spanning one or more days, consisting of one or several Sessions.
Day Conference A Day Conference is a single-day, single-room event. Like a Session, it consists of chronologically ordered Presentations. Unlike a Session it is a stand-alone event and does not belong to any parent Conference
Session A Session always belongs to a parent Conference and consists of chronologically ordered Presentations, with the occasional Break inserted in between. A Session typically consists of all Presentations in a single room during one of the days of the Conference. Sessions may also contain the Presentations for a more limited timespan, like all Presentations in one room before a lunch break. At large Conferences, having many presenters, you often have concurrent Sessions in multiple rooms over several days.
Presentation A Presentation is an ordered collection of one or more presentation files (PowerPoints, Keynotes, PDFs, videos, etc.). Their order depicts which file the presenter wish to show first, second, etc. An empty Presentation is a Presentation without any files. A Presentation's position (first, second, last, etc.) in a Session, it is often reffered to as a presenter's Presentation slot.

When to create a "Day Conference" instead of a "Conference" ?

If your event just lasts for one day, and takes place in a single room, a Day Conference is a typically what you should create. Day Conferences are suitable for meetings and seminars having a few presenters in the same room. If you event spans several days or consists of multiple concurrent sessions/tracks, you should create a regular Conference.