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Technician Mode (Windows and macOS)

The Technician Mode is available for both Windows and macOS (as opposed to the Presenter Mode, which is only available on Windows) and doesn't require you to have two displays connected to your system. If you just want to download and synchronize the files, as well as see the session presentation schedule and which presentation files belongs to what presenter, then this mode is the one for you.

The different screens / views are identical to the Presenter Mode, except when you open a Session or a Day Conference:

Image of Sessions ><

The Technician Mode will show all the presentations in the current Session / Day Conference and notify you of any updates ("Synchronized" button changes label to "Update Available" and turns blue).

Selecting a presenter in the list shows his/hers uploaded files. Clicking "Play" after selecting a file will launch the operating system's default application associated with that file type.

Last update: May 4, 2020