Interface Basics

Preseria's desktop client UI lets you download and launch presentation files. Below we cover the layout and what the icons/buttons represent.

Image of Splash Screen ><

There are two modes to the desktop client; Technician Mode and Presenter Mode. Their differences are explained in detail in their own sections. In essence, the Technician Mode only allows for downloading and synchronizing of presentation files, while the Presenter Mode also has features for launching and seamlessly switching between presenters and their presentation files.


Image of Login Screen ><

At the login screen you must enter the login credentials (email & password) of an organizer account with access to the conference you want to download. You must also select the region of your account. You must be connected to the Internet to be able to log in and download presentations, but you can always access previously downloaded presentations without an Internet connection.

Offline mode

Offline mode lets you access previously downloaded presentations that are still on your computer (In your preseria folder, usually located at C:\Users\{user}\Documents\Preseria (Windows) or /Users/{user}/Documents/Preseria (macOS)

Image of Main Menu ><

The main menu lets you navigate between all the different views / screens in the Preseria Desktop Client.

Conferences / Day Conferences

Image of Conferences ><

Shows all the Conferences / Day Conferences your user have access to download.


Image of Sessions ><

Shows all the session of the currently selected conference and let's you open them, which will start downloading the session, if not already downloaded. Updates will automatically be downloaded if there are any (and if you are logged in).


Image of Sessions ><

The settings menu lets you configure various properties of the Preseria Client:

Jump between presentations automatically:

As you probably know, when presenting PowerPoints (or PDFs in Adobe Reader), the PageDown (PgDn) Key (next arrow on clickers) will always advance a presentation to the next slide, regardless if you are running the presentation via Preseria.

If this setting is enabled, Preseria will automatically jump from the last slide in a presentation to the first slide in the next presentation in the same presentation slot.

If a presenter or organizer clicks Next / PageDown on the last slide of the last (or only) file in a Presentation slot, Preseria will close the file, show the background image and select the next Presentation. Click once more and the first file of the next presentation will be opened.

Open PowerPoints in Presenter View:

By default Preseria will open PowerPoints in fullscreen mode on the secondary screen (projector screen) while still showing the Preseria user interface / control panel on the primary screen (often the laptop screen). When this setting is enabled, the primary screen will show PowerPoint's Presenter View instead of the Preseria control panel (which will be hidden behind the Presenter View) when displaying PowerPoints.

When PowerPoint's Presenter View is on top, and you want to bring the Preseria user interface back to the foreground, you can simply press "Esc". Doing that will NOT stop the PowerPoint slideshow (which is what ESC usually does to PowerPoints), but instead bring the Preseria user interface to the front, letting you close the presentation (Stop button) and select the next presentation in line, or resume the slideshow by clicking on the PowerPoint icon in the taskbar and therefore activting / bringing to front the window containing the Presenter View.

Download Slide Thumbnails:

Thumbnails for PowerPoint and PDF presentations are automatically generated by Preseria server-side. Downloading these thumbnails will let you see small previews of the upcoming slides in the bottom slide-scroller of Preseria's "Presenter Mode".

Show loading spinner on secondary screen:

When processing the command of closing or opening a file, which may take a few seconds depending on the computer hardware and/or the complexity / size of the presentation file, Preseria will show a small white loading spinner in the bottom right of the secondary / projector screen.

The loading spinner is both visible to the audience and the presenter and is meant as an indicator that Preseria is "working" to open or close the current file and that the presenter has to wait a few seconds before being able to start clicking through his/her presentation slides. If you inform the presenters having slow-loading presentation of this feature, they will know when their presentation is loading, when it's ready and when they can start clicking their clicker's "next"-button to advance.