What is the Preseria desktop client?

Some time before your conference starts, and after presenters have uploaded (most of) their presentation files, you (or the AV tech company you use) should install the Preseria desktop client on the computers used for presenting in each room.

After installing you should start the Preseria client and download the conference sessions for that computer/room. You will then have all the submitted presentation files locally for offline playback and quality assurance.

During the conference, you may choose to have the computers in each room (usually controlled by a moderator or a technician) synchronize any updates to the presentation files that might occur from late uploads or uploads made at a Speaker Ready Room.

The desktop client comes in two modes: A "Techician Mode", that just downloads/updates the files and shows which presenter the files belong to, and a more feature rich "Presenter Mode", that mimics PowerPoints "Presenter View", but also lets you seamlessly switch between presenters and their different files/media (PowerPoint, PDF and videos currently supported). The more feature rich "Presenter Mode" is only available for Windows, while the simpler "Technician Mode" is also available for macOS.