Presenter Mode (Windows only)

The Presenter Mode, currently only available for Windows, requires the computer to be connected to a secondary screen, typically a laptop + projector screen. You must also make sure to set your additional display to "Extend" your desktop (not duplicate).

Image of Presenter Mode ><

The Presenter Mode is identical to the Technician Mode, except that once you open/launch a Session or Day Conference you'll be presented with the Presentation Control Window on your primary display and the Session Background Image on your secondary display.

Image of Presenter Mode ><

The Presentation Control Window is where the action happens. It shows the session schedule in the top-right, the files of the selected presenter in the bottom-right, the slides of the currently running presentation file (PPT/PDF) in the bottom-left (or media controls, if playing a video) and the current display on the projector in the top-left.

How to switch between presenters and their presentation files (PowerPoints, PDFs, Videos)

  1. First select the presenter in the schedule (top right). This will close any open presentations and automatically show the session background image to the audience (top left)
  2. The presenter’s files (usually only one) will appear in the files-list (bottom right). Click on the file you want to launch and click “Play”. A spinner animation will be shown (if enabled in "Settings") while the file is loading.
  3. PDFs will open in fullscreen mode on the secondary monitor, while a PowerPoint might open its own Presenter View, (depending on Setting). To close a running PowerPoint presentation in Presenter View, either advance through the last slide, which will automatically close the PowerPoint, or click the “Esc”-key, which will bring the Preseria window to the foreground. Then you can either select another presenter or click “Stop” to end the PowerPoint slideshow.
  4. If the current playing file is a video, Pause and Seek controls will appear in the bottom left. The video will be loaded and started automatically once you click “Play”. You may loop a video by clicking on the "Loop" checkbox next to the seek bar.

How to handle incoming updates

If the button on the top-left of the schedule changes from grey to blue and its label changes from "Synchronized" to “Download Updates”, then there’s been made changes to the current session that you may need to download. Someone may have uploaded or updated a presentation file, the order might have been modified or the duration of a presentation may have changed.

Important!: Clicking “Download Updates” will stop the current presentation, displaying the Session background image to the audience. Therefore only do this during a break or otherwise appropriate time.

Something unexpected happened ?

If Office PowerPoint or Adobe Reader, stops responding for some reason, Preseria might also stop. If you encounter any weird behavior, closing Preseria and opening it again might help.