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Interface Basics

Preseria's web application lets you create Conferences, invite presenters and upload presentation files. Below we cover the basic layout and common user interfaces.


Image of Register screen

Presenters getting invited to use Preseria for the first time will have to choose a password before continuing to upload their presentation files. Unless the organizer have added names for the presenters, they will also have to input their first an last name. Similarly, organization users will have to be invited by an organization admin and fill in the same form before they can create their own Conferences.


Image of Login screen

Both presenters and organizers login using

If you have a preseria account, and don't remember your password, you can request a new password by clicking "Forgot Password".

You may also request a single-use login link sent to your email.


Once logged in you will be automatically sent to the overview (dashboard), listing your upcoming and recent events (if you are an organizer) and scheduled presentation slots (if you are a presenter).

The Presenter's Dashboard

Image of the Presenter dashboard

Presenters have a very limited set of actions they can perform once logged in. A presenter is allowed to:

  • Upload files for their presentations (for the various conference sessions they are presenting in).
  • Modify the title of their presentation.
  • Add, remove and change the order of presentation files in their presentations.
  • Modify account details, such as first name, last name and change their password.

Presenters, just like Organizers, can get direct help from the Preseria Support Team by using the chat widget inside the web app.


If the organizer of a Conference has a set an upload deadline for a Session, the presenters in that Session will only be able to view (not modify) their presentations after the deadline has passed. The Organizer may at any point extend or remove the deadline, enabling the presenters to upload files again.

The Organizer's Dashboard

Image of the Organizer dashboard

Organization User

Organizers can do everything a presenter can do, and additionally:

  • Create and modify Conferences, Sessions and Day Conferences.
  • Create Placeholders ("ordered file collections") that can be re-used across Conferences and Sessions.
  • Invite presenters, send reminders, re-order presentation slots and add breaks to Sessions or Day Conferences.
  • Invite users in the same organization to co-manage Conferences and/or Sessions (by modifying the permissions on a Conference/Session)
  • Modify presentation titles on behalf of presenters.
  • Upload presentation files on behalf of presenters.
  • Upload Conference and Session backgrounds that will be displayed by the Preseria Desktop app (Windows) when switching between presentations.
  • Upload Email banner images to be used in emails sent to presenters via Preseria.
  • Add upload deadlines to Conferences / Sessions
  • Send reminder emails
  • See the status of any sent emails
  • Get the unique invitation code of a Presenter
  • Publish PDF versions of presentations

Organization Admin

Image of the Organizer dashboard

The organization admin is a special type of organizer with heightened privileges that additionally allow him/her to:

  • Set the default email template used when inviting presenters to a Conference.
  • Set a default email header image for all emails sent to presenters.
  • Add & Remove organizers to the organization (that in turn can create their own Conferences).
  • Access and modify all the events created by organizers belonging to the same organization as the admin.

Last update: August 9, 2020