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You may choose to add all presenters of all your session first and then send the Email Invitation to all presenters at once, or you can take on one Session at a time. When viewing the Conference and all its Sessions (Overview > Conferences > [conference title]), the "Send Email" button will let you invite or send a reminder e-mail (or perform any other practical messaging to all the presenters) for all sessions at once. The "Manage Emails" button inside a Session (Overview > Conferences > [conference title] > [session title]) will only let you send Emails to the Presenters of that particular Session.

Choosing an Email banner Image

You can customize the email banner image at the top of the emails sent to Presenters from Preseria. By default, the emails shows the preseria logo at the top. You can change this to your own banner, for example containing the the logo, title and colors of your organization or conference. You may set different Email banners per Session. If no custom banner is set on the Session, the Conference email banner will be used. If it isn't set either, your default Organization email banner is used. Only the organization admin have access to modify the default banner for your organization. You can upload your org. banner at "Account" > "Organization" > "Email Banner Image"

Sending the first Email Invitation to Presenters

Once all the presenters are added, either manually or by CSV import, they will appear in the Sessions, each showing a grey colored person-icon. The gray icon means that these presenters have been added, but not yet received an initial email invitation. In other words; they are now planned, but not yet invited.


Now, before sending, is a good time to quickly check email addresses for spelling errors (which will cause email delivery to fail). You may also use this opportunity to re-order presenters or move misplaced presenters between Sessions.

Creating and choosing an email template

Preseria comes with a default template that you can use as a starting point for creating your own. As with email banners, you may create a default email template for your organization. Typically you would also want to create an email template for your Conference. Sessions will default to the Conference email template, but you may also create individual Session email templates.

Use the Send a Test E-mail feature to send yourself, or a colleage, a test invitation and make sure the email banner and template looks good. The email normally takes less than a minute to arrive in your inbox, but depending on your email provider it could take a little longer.


Reply-to email tip: If you have a collaborate email inbox for your event, such as "", and you want email replies to be sent to that email, you can add that email address as a user to your organization. This can only be achieved by the organization admin under "Account" > "Organization"

Email template placeholders

Email templates may contain "short-codes" such as [conference] and [session], which will automatically insert the current session and/or conference title. For example; an email template may have the email subject "[conference]: Invitation to upload presentation for [session]", which would then be sent as "Technology EXPO 2020: Invitaiton to upload presentation for Opening Plenary"

Using short codes in templates, like in this example, you can have a default email template for a Conference that can be applied to all sessions of a conference but still contain session specific titles.

Email template fields

An email template always consists of the following mandatory fields:

  • Sender Name : The "From" name of the email. Defaults to the first name and last name associated with your logged in account. You can change it to, for example, the name of your organization or just "[conference] organizers". We will always append "| Preseria" to the Sender Name, which will make the sender name appear as, for example, "Tech Expo 2020 | Preseria" in the recipients inbox.
  • Reply-to Email : The email that will receive replies if the recipient clicks "Reply" in their email clients. It defaults to your logged in account email, but can be changed to your organizaton admin email.
  • Email Subject : The title/subject of the email. Can include placeholder "short-codes" such as [conference] and [session] to automatically insert the current session title or the conference title.
  • Email Body : The actual email content, based on your selected Email Template. May contain "short-codes". A "Register/Login" will always be inserted at the top of the email and is not a part of the email body. The same goes for the email banner, which is placed above the "Register/Login" button.

Tip: Deadline for presentation uploads

You may enforce a hard deadline for when presenters can upload their final version of their presentation files. If you choose to do so, we recommend that you also communicate this in the email invitation and/or on your conference's webpages.

A hard deadline makes sure that no new files can be uploaded by presenters after a certain date and time. Organizers (or the tech crew in a Speaker Ready Room) is never affected by the deadline and may upload and update files on behalf of presenters at any time.


All emails will be sent from, but the reply-to field ensures that any replies will be sent directly back to you. If the recipent accidentally replies to our noreply-address, they will automatically be notified to contact the conference organizer instead. If their question is regarding the Preseria system and how to use it, they will be told to reach out to us at

Ready, set, SEND!

To send the first email (or any follow-ups, reminders or other practical information), click the "Send Email" button at the top menu line. You will now be able to select your recipients. To select all Presenters that just have been added (not received their login link yet), make sure the filter is set to "Added/Planned". Click on the checkbox at the top to select all recipients. Now click on "Send Emails", confirm, and wait to be returned to the Conference or Session overview.

In the Session overiview, you will now see that the icons of the Added/Planned presenters have changed from grey to a yellow envelope icon, indicating that they have been invited and that an email with a unique sign-up link has been sent to their email address. When the presenters in turn click this link, sign up and upload files to their presentation slots, the icon will change from the yellow envelope to a green person icon. A red person icon means that a presenter have signed up, but not uploaded any files yet (the presentation is "empty").

More about Sending Emails

Filtering Email Recipients

When sending Emails, you may filter the recipients depending on their presentation slot's "status":

  • Added/Planned: Presenters that have been added to a Session, but not yet received their first Email Invitation.
  • Invited : Presenters who have been sent one or more Email Invitations.
  • Invited - Has File(s) : Presenters that haven't registered, but where the organizer or any of the admins have uploaded a file on their behalf.
  • Registered: Presenters that are registered, but haven't uploaded any files for their presentation yet.
  • Registered - Has File(s): Speakers that are registered and have uploaded at least one file to their presentation slot in the current Session or Day Conference.


Note that the filtering is based on the presentation slot status. Therefore, a Presenter may show up as "Registered" for a Presentation in one Session and "Registered - Has File(s)" in another Session.

Email Logs

You can follow the status of the emails by clicking the "Email Log" button on each Presentation slot. It will then show you which emails have been sent to that particular presenter and if they've been opened or not. Email Logs will be kept for 30 days after the email was originally sent.

You will be able to view Emails sent to presenters in your browser as long as they aren't expired (past 30 days since sending).

Re-Sending Email Invitations (reminders)

When the event is closing in, and you still have presenters that haven't registered / uploaded, you may re-send the email invitaion. In order to do so, just follow the same procedure as for sending the inital email, by clicking "Send Email", but instead make sure to filter out only those that haven't registered or uploaded. You may also select individual presenters to re-send emails to.

Hint: Prefix Subject in Reminder emails

When sending a reminder, it's a good idea to prefix the subject with "REMINDER: " or similar. A modification to the Email Subject in the original invitation email makes sure the email shows up at the top of the recipents inbox instead of getting threaded with the orignal email. It also lowers the chance of the email getting filtered to spam (because of repeated Subject line)

Sending individual emails to specific presenters

You may freely use the "Send Email" feature to communicate information to a specific presenter or a specific group of presenters. Using the "Send Email" from the Conference view let's you select between all presenters of the conference, while inside a Session you may only choose to send to that Session's presenters. The filters let's you narrow your choice between presenters who haven't registered, haven't uploaded files, etc.

Hint: Optionally save your Email Template

When sending Emails to presenters, you may choose to save the latest sent email as the current email template for that Session or the Conference as a whole. You may also choose to just send a one-off email, without overwriting the current email template.

Notes on Email deliverability

We take our email deliverability very serious and strive to keep our email reputation clean to avoid getting flagged as spam by the recipients' email servers. That said, bounced emails may occur. The most common reason for an email bouncing / being returned to us is because of spelling errors in the presenter's email address. Therefore it's important that you check the email addresses for any typos before sending.


If a presenter contacts you saying they haven't received an email from Preseria, and re-sending doesn't help, you may click the "Get Invitation Link" button on the Presentaiton slot and manually send it to the presenter, allowing them to sign up without the "Register/Login" button in the original invitation email.

Common causes for undelivered emails

You will be notified of all returned/bounced/undelivered emails except for one special case: If the recipient's email client/email app somehow categorizes the email as spam. See the bottom info box (Case 3) for more information regarding this.

Case 1: Recipient inbox / email-address does not exist

Sometimes organizers input emails that are misspelled, or the recipients' email address is changed and the original email inbox has been closed.

You (or the "Reply-to" email) will be notified if this happens.

Case 2: Flagged as SPAM by the recipients email SERVER

Sometimes our emails are rejected by very strict email servers on the recipients side, for example only allowing emails from whitelisted senders.

You (or the "Reply-to" email) will be notified if this happens.

Case 3: Flagged as SPAM by the recipients email CLIENT/APP

In some very rare cases the recipient has an email client that falsely categorizes the email invitation sent from Preseria as spam and automatically moves it into the recipient inbox's spam folder (sometimes without notifying the recipient).

This is a generic problem for every system delivering transactional emails, not unique to Preseria, and not something we are able to detect since the email is technically successfully delivered (accepted by the recipient's email server).

In these rare cases you would have to find some other means to manually send the unique invitation link to the recipient. You'll find the unique invitation link by clicking "Get Invitation Link" on any presentation slot of the presenter.

Last update: May 2, 2020