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FAQ - Preseria Web Application

The answers to your important Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Preseria Web application.

When a speaker uploads her presentation to the system is it possible to be notified by email? Or must I go into the system to check this ?

Not yet! We are working on it. Currently you must log into the system to check it.

Can you brand the web-app's user interface ?

Not currently, but we are happy to talk to you and get your opinion on how this feature would ideally work for you. We might decide to implement this in a future version. What you can brand is the email invitation, and its email banner image, that goes out to the presenters when invited to upload.

Can you enforce a hard deadline on presentation uploads for speakers ?

No, but we are working on it! Currently, we recommend communicating (in the email invitation from Preseria and/or on the conference website) a deadline for the upload of the final version of speakers' presentations.

Can you add text in the guideline text in the boxes to the right, when logged in as a speaker ?

Yes! Use the "Set Deadline" button on a Conference or inside a Session to set deadlines that prevent presenters from making changes to their presentation after a certain date and time.

Not yet, but we are working on it! We try to avoid this altogether by encouraging people to embed media & fonts and optimize their PowerPoints for compatibility. We also recommend that you include a couple of sentences about this in your email invitation templates. Our default template provides a good starting point. Our goal is to soon provide an instant warning to the presenters when they upload a PowerPoint that's missing videos, fonts or has other issues.

Last update: February 3, 2020