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FAQ - Preseria License and Account

The answers to your important Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Preseria license and account.

There are X number people in our organization that would need access. Is there extra cost to have multiple access to the one preseria account for our organization?

No, there's no extra cost. You can either all share the login credentials (email & password) for a single organization admin user, or the person controlling the organization admin can create new users. Users in the same organization may choose to share access to events by giving permissions to "co-hosts" in the same organization. The organization admin automatically gets access to all past and upcoming events in an organization.

We are Convention Centre / Hotel / EXPO and do not manage the granular details of event planning, which is usually provided by PCO's selected by the clients. How can we provide Preseria to our PCO's?

More specifically; Is there a way we would be able to hand over control of scheduling, inviting speakers to the event etc. directly to the PCO's as they will be the ones in direct contact with all the speakers?

Yes, There are two different ways of doing this. Either you sign up for a regular Preseria account that you own and manage as an organization admin, and you invite your PCO clients as regular users to your account, or you become a re-seller of Preseria with the ability to set up completely isolated organization accounts for each PCO. Please contact for details.

Last update: February 3, 2020