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FAQ - Preseria Desktop Client

The answers to your important Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Preseria Desktop client for macOS and Windows.

Is it possible to download the client to multiple laptops and run presentations in the different rooms ?

Yes. You can download and install the desktop client on as many computers as you want. Also, you can use the same account to log in on all the computers, meaning that you don't need to create new users for the separate computers in each room / session.

Can the desktop clients installed in the different rooms (of a multi room conference) be remote controlled ?

No. You would need a moderator, technician or educate the presenters in in each room to operate the desktop client. The desktop client is fairly easy to get a hang of and several of our customers run multi room conferences where the non-technical session moderators take care of switching between presentations themselves.

Notice that the software installed on the computers can sort of be remote controlled using a standard wireless presenter clicker that sends "PageUp" and "PageDown" key-presses to the computer. When a presenter is at her last slide of a PowerPoint or a PDF and clicks "Next" (sending a PageDown keypress to the computer), our software can be configured to automatically close the current presentation and fade in the conference background image. If you then send another "Next"/PageDown from the clicker, the first slide of the next presentation in line will open.

This makes it possible to sort of remote control the desktop client by having two clickers connected to the computer, giving one to the moderator/technician and the other to the presenter. However, you would only be able to go one step ahead or back in the list of presenters and their files. For jumping several presenters/files ahead, you will (for now) have be physically at the computer and command Preseria using the mouse cursor.

Does the system work with [insert your favorite] poll system ?

Probably. Polling systems like TurningPoint or Slido are normally embedded into PowerPoint as a separate slide. You just have to make sure to install their Office PowerPoint plugin on the presentation computer, like you would regardless of Preseria. You can upload the PPT with an embedded poll slide just like any normal PowerPoint file in the Preseria Web app.

Does it support Prezi and Keynote ?

Yes and no. You can upload a .key or a .zip file (containing a Prezi portable file), but the Windows desktop client won't be able to playback the .key file. The prezi file can be played, given it was exported for Windows (as .exe), but there's no API in Prezi.exe files that the Preseria desktop app can interact with, so that you won't get the seamless transition and auto-move/rezise of the Prezi window to the secondary/projector screen, as you do with PowerPoints, PDFs and videos. If on Windows, using Extended Desktop Mode, you'd have to manually drag the prezi-window to the 2nd screen and make it go fullscreen, unless you use some other hardware setup with multiple computers and a video-mixer.

Is there any way to record the presentations through this software? So basically having the slides record with audio in multiple rooms ?

Our desktop software doesn't have recording features built in. That's something we could consider, but it would increase the memory and CPU footprint of the app, and possibly cause lag/glitches on low-end computers (running presentations and recording at the same time is very resource demanding). In our opinion you have two options:

  1. Solve it using hardware, by for example inserting a HDMI splitter and a dedicated recording device or computer, as explained here:
  2. Run a recording software on the same machine as you use for displaying presentations / are running the Preseria desktop app. A good free alternative is Note that this will be resource intensive on the source machine, especially if you are outputting FullHD (1920x1080) or higher resolutions on the projector/screen that you'll be recording.

Is there any kind of help button feature? Where an admin can be notified if someone is having an issue in a room?

No. We haven't implemented communication capabilities, like chat or some sort of messaging, in the Preseria desktop app. This has been a conscious choice to not clutter the user interface, to keep the software simple and to not try to solve everything in one app.

When we ourselves run multi-room conferences we usually create a chat group, either using Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or some other mobile friendly chat app, where the technicians in the different rooms can communicate by text messages with tech admins in the Speaker Ready Room.

Last update: February 3, 2020